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I was admiring arrangements at a reception party for a friend. I decided to ask the hotel staff what actually happens to the flowers. Do they move them to the lobby for the enjoyment of the guests? I was told "oh no, we don't keep them." So an idea was born; why not ask to take the flowers back to my shop, redesign them & give them back to the community. Why not? Who wouldn't like fresh flowers especially in a nursing home dining room or a local school lobby. That's how "Vermont recycles Flowers "got started. With the generosity of flower donations and a little talent from Chappell's Florist designers and local volunteers, we are sharing flowers, still full of life, with members of our community who will really enjoy them.

Diane @ Chappell's Florist

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A bit of fragrance lingers on the hand that gives the flowers......

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vermont wedding flowers recycled "second Life Story"

This summer wedding season has brought joy to the brides and the residents of local nursing homes! Flowers donated after the wedding celebrations have had a dual purpose, squeezing all the love from the flowers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer flowers picked for Vermont Recycles Flowers

Today a local gardener picked garden flowers to recycle to local nursing homes. Thank you!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vermont wedding flowers travel to a "Good Cause"

One of our Vermont brides chose to recycle her table bouquets to Local Nursing Facilities for the enjoyment of all. Such beautiful fresh bouquets were delivered throughout the city and hand delivered by Chappell's transport associates. Thank you Bride and Groom for opening your hearts to the community!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Recycle your vases to Chappell's florist & Vermont Recycles Flowers S. Burlington, Vt.

As your bouquet starts to lose its bloom, it seems like a good time to ask this question: What do you do with the vase? Many of our customers own five or six vases of different shapes and sizes from bouquets delivered over the years. All of them are pretty, but many may be considered clutter. At Vermont Recycles Flowers, they are will be filled with blooms again.
Other suggestions:
  • I bought a friend a bouquet of tulips for her birthday and arranged it in one of my vases.
  • My mother likes to save hers until summer, then fill them with flowers from her garden and give them to friends.
  • If the glass can be recycled, recycle it to Vermont Recycles Flowers.
  • Donate them to a nursing home, a church or a hospital if wanted; if not, Vermont Recycles Flowers will fill them with recycled flowers and deliver to these locations.
  • Use a bud vase as a chopstick or paintbrush holder.
  • Make one into a “mad money” or marble jar.
  • A coworker used short, square ones to serve cut-up vegetables at a party.
  • Offer them to a friend who’s engaged and wants to save money by making DIY bouquets. 

                Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Hamatreya"

I do I donate - Wedding flowers, food, attire donated & recycled

Shelburne Vermont flowers "what people are saying"

what people are saying

Thank you so much for the very pretty bouquet of flowers that you gave my Mother last week at Wake Robin. She is a little too frail now to go out very much and spends many hours in her room.  

The flowers look beautiful and have added some sunshine to her surroundings.  
   Sincerely, Judith Knight

In 1860, Florence Nightingale wrote,

"I shall never forget the rapture of fever patients over a bunch of bright colored flowers. I remember (in my own case) a nosegay of wild flowers being sent to me from that moment recovery becoming more rapid"

Burlington Vermont Flower Power through giving

VERMONT RECYCLES FLOWERS believes in the power of flowers and the fun of giving unexpected gifts. Fresh flowers can help aid in reducing stress and give comfort to those who are dealing with  illness, injury, aging or sickness. We regularly hand out flower bouquets to University of Vermont Medical Center,  Community Health Center, Burlington Health & Rehab, Hope Lodge in Burlington, Wake Robin, Shelburne Vt., Allenwood, Shelburne Bay Senior Living, and many more. 
At Vermont Recycles Flowers, we also help to reduce the items sent to local landfills; these include floral waste, glass vases, wicker baskets, ribbons and bows, and other floral materials.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Flower delivery Burlington Vermont

Our flower deliveries of recycled flowers locally are often coordinated with our Chappell's florist citywide deliveries. Our drivers find it great fun to give randomly during their route of scheduled deliveries. A first time delivery of recycled flowers is often met with pure delight, and we love that!
 This week we gave pretty bouquets to several local town offices, Community Health Centers of Vermont, American Red Cross, the Humane Society, CVU, Ladies Night at Wellspring Chiropractic, and NFI. I also want to thank Paw Print & Mail, South Burlington Vt.  who generously donates our paper tags describing Vermont recycles flowers program. Thank You!

Paw Print

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Vermont Flowers - A New Years "Thank you"

 A new years "Thank you" to our volunteers who arrive faithfully every week at Chappell's  to design recycled donated flowers and deliver throughout the local Chittenden county area. Each week we share a story about a "special delivery" that moved our hearts. This story this week is from The Humane Society of Chittenden county. Every time we arrive with flowers, staff members come to us with the biggest smiles ever! They win the "Biggest Smile" award of the year. Our flower delivery elves LOVE going there and the added bonus is a box of clean vases to bring back to Chappell's for future recycled bouquets.

                                              The World Laughs in Flowers
                                                    Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vermont florist loves to recycle flowers

We love to recycle flowers, and we know Vermonters love to recycle! Our program works so well because two local grocery stores also contribute to our recycle program. We pick up event flowers and wedding flowers regularly too. We have 10 volunteers who redesign and help deliver the flowers. I have a huge stack of "thank you" notes. We all love to spread the happiness of flowers!